effydesmarais (effydesmarais) wrote in vaginapagina,

sanitary pad recommendations

I've been using the same brand of pads since I was fifteen, and now, out of the blue, they have decided to add a crapload of fragrance to their products. Since I have vulvodynia I can't risk using anything perfumed. Can anyone recommend another type for me? I've been using them for so long I have no idea what else is available. Here are the things that I am looking for --

* very long
* winged
* thin
* super absorbant

The brand I was using was Always. I used their 'ultra' pads, because they meet all of these criteria. I will be having a look around online myself, I just thought I'd ask here in case any of you knew of a good brand I could use. I live in Britain, so it will have to be easily available here.

EDIT -- Also, does anyone know if Kotex use scents in their products? I am thinking about buying their 'night time maxi' pads but I can't find any info about fragrance.


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