ruffian_lust (ruffian_lust) wrote in vaginapagina,

Orsythia BC

Greeting Superstars!

My gyno switched me from Enpresse to Orsythia last month, and thus far I haven't been wild about it. Breakthrough bleeding, fatigue, headaches, and general mood alteration. Most recently I just started by placebo pills and got my withdrawal bleed immediately the next day. (Normally I start placebo week on Sunday and my withdrawal bleed doesn't come until Thursday). It's a combined pill (estrogen and progestin), so I was surprised by this. I'm not seeing my gyno again until August 29, and I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with Orsythia for a few more months and see if my body normalizes or ask to switch back to Enrpesse. Do any of your VPers out there have any experience with Orsythia? Good, bad, it's totally normal to have major changes in your withdrawal bleed, etc? I've resisted googling it because I frequently end up frightening myself. If anyone out there has any personal experience I'd be much obliged!
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