Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in vaginapagina,

Update & PMS question

How bad would your PMS symptoms need to be before you were concerned? My period has changed GREATLY in the last year. I was previously taking Seasoniqu (sp) until I had a horrible 3 month long period. That was July last year. Since then my menstrual cycle has not been the same. Before it was normal, moderate cramps, headaches, and crankiness.

Now it's escalated to
Horrible Nausea
EXTREME cramps
EXTREME depression (Like... I feel suicidal, and really, really don't like myself)
Pains in my back/sides (during ovulation maybe? Not during my period so much)

On the note of the suicidal thoughts: I've suffered from depression/Anxiety since I was like 12. In my world there is a difference between FEELING suicidal and BEING suicidal. I'm not scared I'm going to hurt myself, but the thought of "I cannot do this anymore. I don't want to be alive. Life would be better without me," but I've not ever felt the urge to actually hurt myself during this.

I moved about 3 or 4 months ago so I currently do not have a doctor here. I missed work today because I was having diarrhea, nausea, and a migraine. Yesterday at work I had a breakdown because of the depression. It's starting to effect my everyday life. 

I have other girl issues (vaginismus/spasmed vaginal walls... I don't know anything about either of them but that's what the last Dr I saw said I had in April....).

Right now I feel helpless. I wouldn't even know where to start telling a doctor about this. How do I start? Is there even anything they can do it help me or am I destined to have these horrible periods until I his menopause? 

Update from (http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/21070144.html#cutid1)

The rash is clearing up. I've just been using the antibiotic cream on it because I am broke until payday. I've just kept it dry and exposed to the air (the most you can your under-boob). It hurts to raise my arm above my head from it pulling, but it's not as bad as it was Sunday.
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