dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pubic Area Rash -- Absorbent Cotton Pads for Tummy Fold Intertrigo?

Someone just posted a question related to my own, it's here: 

So my rash isn't under my breasts, it's under my belly fold, just above the line of my pubic hair.  This fold and I have a long and acrimonious relationship and JUST for happy fun-times this summer, the fold has decided to get irritated and show some signs of intertrigo (bright red, painful skin in areas of skin-to-skin contact that may have an accompanying bacterial or fungal infection).  I'm keeping it dry with diaper rash cream and it's mostly under control, except for a small spot of jock itch that I quickly zapped with Tinactin.  No more itching, just redness and irritation.

Somewhere, sometime, I remember seeing these c-shaped cotton pads that you could use to absorb sweat in the belly fold area.  I didn't buy them, I'm wondering if anyone here knows where I could get some.  Right now I'm using the inserts from my totally failed cloth menstrual pad attempt and they work pretty well but purpose-built things might be better.

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