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Rash under breast?

Today I came home from my parents and was getting ready to get into the shower. When I took off my bra and under shirt I felt a HORRIBLE pain in my right breast. I went to the mirror to inspect what the pain was and I have a very strange red rash with a white THING in the middle. The white thing looks like a blister? When I was showering I gently washed the area. It stung SO bad. I put some anti-biotic cream on it because it seemed logical at the time. Now nearly 8 hours later it still hurts SO bad. I haven't been wearing a bra or anything since I got out of the shower. I took a photo to show you to ask what it might be/what I should do.

Let me tell you it's awkward taking a picture of your under-boob.

gloraelin 5th-Aug-2012 04:54 am (UTC)
It looks like a topical yeast infection mixed with heat rash. I would put some anti-fungal cream on if you have any, generic monistat works pretty well, I've found. Make sure you fully dry under your breasts -- I know it's a PITA and really hard especially when it hurts, so what I usually do is wind up sitting at my desk with my towel tucked under my boobs and just leave it for 10-15min.

If it gets worse or doesn't respond, I would see a healthcare provider if you can.
amanda_hysinger 5th-Aug-2012 04:59 am (UTC)
i had the same thing happen to me last week. i went to the ER bc it was like burning && my armpit felt a lil weird. i've gotten these kindsa rashes b4 but never this bad!! i first noticed mine bc it smelled like vinegar under my boob. the ER doctor diagnosed me with basically a yeast infection..they can get anywhere on ur body, not just in ur girly bits..bc i had one last summer on my left inner thigh. with the heat && sweating the rash gets aggitated && becomes a lot worse than it really is. he gave me sum prescription creme to put on the infected spot(s) for 2wks && i have to return to my pcp this week to make sure everything is healing fine (but after only 4-5 days, it's just a lil pink under my boob now, so the creme is really helping && it also soothes it which is a gr8 advantage!)

if you have insurance, go the ER && they'll treat you, but if not, i'd say go to ur regular doctor or gyno just to be sure is only yeast && heat causing the rash && (s)he can prescribe you that creme that the ER doc gave me :) the worst part about it is that is very annoying && i kno for myself i felt like i wasn't properly taking care of my bznz you kno? kinda like when you get a UTI or yeast infection in the vaginal area..just a bit embarrassing..but it's nothing to worry about, i read that women with bigger boobs tend to get it very commonly.
misspaigeb 5th-Aug-2012 03:08 pm (UTC)
I agree that this does look like it could be a yeast infection... but I probably wouldn't go to the ER for that. Yeast infections aren't really emergencies. An Urgent Care clinic, if there's one near you, or your regular doctor would probably be a better choice (and less expensive.)

Also, there may be some athlete's foot type of creams that are over the counter that could be used to treat it in the meantime before getting to a doctor.
bicrim 5th-Aug-2012 05:20 am (UTC)
looks like yeast, over the counter monistat will work.
darkxangel 5th-Aug-2012 05:58 am (UTC)
I don't know what that is exactly, but other people are saying yeast infection. If you have any tea bags, especially green tea, it really help with the inflammation. Just steep the tea bag and place the warm tea bag on the rash for 10-15 min. Repeat this as often as necessary for relief. I hope you heal up soon.

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brigittefires 5th-Aug-2012 08:36 am (UTC)
Might even be more soothing (oh gods, especially in this heat wave!) to use a cool tea bag.
anthylorrel 5th-Aug-2012 07:34 am (UTC)
It looks just like the topical yeast infections I get in the same spot. Just get some monistat from the store and apply until it clears up.
knittinggoddess 5th-Aug-2012 07:47 am (UTC)
Some thoughts:
* First, ow! I had a rash in my underboob earlier this summer, and it hurt quite a bit. It wasn't as bad as yours, and tea tree oil+coconut made it feel better and go away in a few days.

* How does your bra feel underneath your boob? I know I'm probably in the minority here for the larger breasted folk, but my underwires sit right up in the crease. If your breasts fold over, the skin rubbing on sweaty skin is going to lead to irritation.

* Mesh bras tend to breathe a lot better than lined/padded or satin-y fabric ones. If you have any, they might be worth wearing instead. On that note, make sure your bras are (hand) washed fairly regularly in a lingerie-safe wash, and rinsed well. I use a lingerie wash or a yarn wash called Soak, but other people swear by plain old dish soap.

* Baby powder (not cornstarch) can help soak up the sweat and prevent this in the future. Cornstarch will foster a yeast infection, unfortunately. I've heard antiperspirant works well, too.
princessselene 5th-Aug-2012 08:03 am (UTC)
My sister had a yeast infection that looked EXACTLY like that a couple of years back in the exact same place. From sitting around in a sweaty sports bra and waiting forever to shower afterward. If I recall correctly, she used Tinactin on it and it took about a week or so to heal. Definitely make sure you wash any bras you've worn over the infection well. Hope this helps.
muzik_love 5th-Aug-2012 01:48 pm (UTC)
i agree with yeast.

i had the very beginnings of one a month ago. I just washed the area with head and shoulders shampoo, then dried off reeeeally reaally well. then i put baby powder on the area to keep it dry.

it healed over night. i would have put antifungal cream on it the next morning had it not already healed. keeping it dry is the main thing though. so no matter what treatment from this post you decide on, put baby powder on top to make sure it stays dry.
washable 5th-Aug-2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
OUCH!!!! I hope you feel better soon, hon!! <3
dkwgdk 5th-Aug-2012 10:40 pm (UTC)
I think it's yeast, too. I don't have it under my bra (miracle of miracles, my boobs have plenty of other problems) but I do have it under my stomach fold. It's been terribly humid and hot by us and I kind of think that this stuff just happens in weather conditions like that sometimes.

A few thoughts from my own experience, bearing in mind that I have really sensitive skin and am allergic to everything...

1. If the antibiotic ointment isn't reducing the discomfort right away, you might stop using it and start using an antifungal instead.

2. I am allergic to Monistat and all of the -azole antifungals. However, I recently learned that there are OTHER topical antifungals that work great for problems like this. I got a spot of jock itch in that under-fat area and it's cleared up really quickly with applications of generic tolfnatate antifungal cream. You can get tolfnatate powder, too...it's sold as Tinactin.

3. Dandruff shampoo (Head and Shoulders, Selson Blue, etc) might work, but did nothing for me.

4. Regardless of how you treat it, it's important that you wash any clothing and bras that came in contact with the rash. Also, if you sleep naked or topless, wash the sheets you were on or you will reinfect yourself.

5. I have some cloth sanitary napkins that didn't work out for me (my butt is too big or something). I've found this AM that the inserts pop right into my fat fold and are reasonably undetectable under anything that's not lycra. You - might - be able to stick the smaller ones between your inflamed breast and your bra to help keep things dry and to prevent the skin from rubbing against itself. There are also products designed specifically to absorb boob sweat that are custom-made for this purpose.

6. The best thing for me in terms of preventing sweat/heat-based skin infection is Triple Paste diaper rash ointment. Nothing else works, but if I'm thinking ahead I can smear some of that in my skin fold (or, when it's really hot, also under my breasts) and it keeps the skin from getting inflamed. It's harder to find than regular diaper rash cream, but the regular stuff just makes my rash worse (probably allergic to that, too).

My sympathies -- this stuff is a huge pain!

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kimberkid RN Here6th-Aug-2012 06:23 am (UTC)
I just posted this for another person complaining of skin-fold redness/pain. This stuff is great for skin-fold issues, as it contains silver and is anti-microbial. If you are prone to skin fold issues, it's amazing stuff. And because it's not chemical in nature, it's less likely to cause a reaction or microbial resistance...
ext_2088842 Yeast infection under boobs30th-Jul-2013 03:32 pm (UTC)
Just came from my doctor. Was seeing her anyway. My redness with white bumps has not cleared up in 3 weeks so I finally asked her and she said "Yeast infection". She said to keep that area as dry, dry, dry as possible all the time and use anti perspirent to keep from sweating there...of course...after I clear up the current rash. She said deodorant helps only with odor. You must get anti-perspirent for dryness. My mom gets this rash under her arms too.

She also said Monistat CREAM not suppositories. She said you'd be shocked how many people buy those instead. :D Then she said try baby powder, etc. but the main thing is to keep that area dry....and any others where you have issues.
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