Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in vaginapagina,

Rash under breast?

Today I came home from my parents and was getting ready to get into the shower. When I took off my bra and under shirt I felt a HORRIBLE pain in my right breast. I went to the mirror to inspect what the pain was and I have a very strange red rash with a white THING in the middle. The white thing looks like a blister? When I was showering I gently washed the area. It stung SO bad. I put some anti-biotic cream on it because it seemed logical at the time. Now nearly 8 hours later it still hurts SO bad. I haven't been wearing a bra or anything since I got out of the shower. I took a photo to show you to ask what it might be/what I should do.

Let me tell you it's awkward taking a picture of your under-boob.

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