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Baby Bing Bing Bong


Kay. I have a quick question. Tuesday I was prescribed birth control for the first time (Nordette I've never heard of it before). And the nurse practitioner at planned parenthood told me to take it right away. I had a mix up w/ my insurance company where I was accidentally listed as male so my insurance company wouldn't cover it. So I had to fix this and couldn't fill my prescription until today.  And I got the generic brand Altavera instead of Nordette... The nurse told me to take it when I get it but the instructions that came in the box said I should start on the sunday after my period starts.

I am like right in the middle of my cycle. I've prob got two weeks and change until it comes. I'm not gonna being having sex anytime soon (forever alone), so it's not like a super pressing issue. but I'm a little confused because the nurse said one thing and the package says another... I am a birth control n00b. Should I wait until the sunday after my period starts?

Also anyone here had experiences with either Nordette or Altavera? I'm afraid of the usual weight gain and depression. I've recently lost about 20lbs and I wanna lose about 80lbs more. And I am depressed enough as it is, gaining weight back would make me really sad. so idk. :/

Anyways, Thanks in advance.


Also, I brought in my prescription on Tuesday the 31st, and it was on hold until I cleared up my sex problem w/ the insurance company. Once it was fixed I picked it up today, the 2nd. 

I still had a $5 copay. I thought I wasn't supposed to have a copay as of August 1st? Is it because I brought it in the 31st? I don't mind the $5, I'm just confused.

Thanks again.
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