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Faulty pregnancy test? Just some confirmation, please!

Ok, this is my third post in as many weeks probably, so all you lovely VPers are probably getting pretty used to me.

Recap: Just switched from Loestrin 24 FE (on it for a year and a half) to Tri-Sprintec because of persistent issues with breakthrough bleeding and what I suspect were some hormonal mood issues. Actually feeling better in that regard now, so, small victory at least! Tonight will mark 7 days on the Tri-Sprintec.

About three weeks ago, I had some heavy bleeding about halfway through my pill pack, with cramping, etc., and enough to need tampons. It was miserable and finally gave me the impetus to call my doctor and switch. Then, my four days of placebos came and went with only a bit of bleeding on the first day. Cue my ABSOLUTELY FREAKING OUT that I might be pregnant. God bless my partner for the last week or so, seriously.

I decided to wait until 19 days after the last time we had sex with no back-up protection, which was July 12th. Waiting was no picnic for either of us, but it did give us time to discuss exactly what we would do if I were pregnant. Good and healthy, but scary. Finally, last night, I bought a 2-pack of CVS early pregnancy tests and took one.

It was a blue dye test with a square control window and a round results window, where a blue line would appear if the test were positive. Otherwise, no line in the round results window.

What happened instead is that the control line NEVER showed up at all, and then a bunch of dye appeared to have bled into the results window. Like, no line, just a blob of blue. Everything I read said that no control line = faulty test, no matter what the test looked like otherwise.

Then, this morning, I took another test (Dollar Tree test with pink dye). I took it with my first morning urine, and I would be about 21 days out from the sex in question, so I'm assuming I can trust this result (buuut I just want to check). It looked like a very emphatic negative, and this time the control line was perfectly clear. No hint of an additional "you're pregnant!" pink line, just a very clear and dark single "no pregnancy!" line.

So, should I just ignore the first, very anxiety-making test? I might test again in a few days to double-check, but I wanted to consult the fabulous minds here.

Thank you all!
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