red_crate (red_crate) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovarian Cycsts and Becoming Pregnant

Hi all!

I do plan to speak to my gyno at some point about this...however, I wanted to see what experiences/info you might be able to share with me if any of you deal with a similar situation as mine (or know someone who did/does).

The situation: My right ovary was removed when I was seventeen due to a cycst torsion which ended up killing the ovary. Last February, I almost lost my left ovary to a cycst torsion. Granted, things probably would have never gotten that bad if I had ponied up the cash to get at least a yearly exam done (I did not have insurance from the time I was 21-until this January. I'm 24 now). As soon as I was out of surgery (thanks be to God for the miricle,of the cycst untwisting and allowing bloodflow to return to the ovary), I was prescribed BC to help combat cycst growth.

So my husband and I have created a tentative plan to try to become pregnant by next February (my insurance, which I get through my dad's job, only covers children until they are 26 and my birthday is in November). However, we are worried about my going off BC in order to become pregnant due to the fact that a cycst may form and choke my ovary again. I haven't gone off BC becuase of this worry.

What do you think? Aside from me needing to talk to the gyno (which I have some apprehensions over since I am 270lbs and have already been told I should lose 30lbs before trying to get I just feel uncomfortable talking about getting pregnant...but that's a whole other issue horse I'd rather not ride this post), have any of you delt with this kind of situation and have any advice? I've not been tested for polycycstic fibrosis but do not observe any of the symptoms I've read about (my period is always on time and normal. etc) so I don't think that's a problem.

Please, any advice would be welcome! :)
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