Sarah (llama_friendly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does this sound like PCOS?

I have noticed the following symptoms (that seem to align with PCOS) recently:

-Missed period by 17 days (and each of my cycles are lengthening and becoming more and more erratic for the past few months)
-darkened hair above the edges of my upper lip
-Odd dry pink patch of skin on the back of my neck, "velvety" feeling..not a dark ring though
-Weight gain since 2008 after having my daughter (40-50 lbs)
-depression and anxiety since 2008 (which is being treated without medication)

This has me a little freaked out. Does this sound like PCOS or possibly something else? I don't have a gynecologist right now but I do have insurance, so I'd need to look for one. Should I see my regular doctor or see a gynecologist? I haven't had a pap since 2009, so I'm due anyway.
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