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Something is wrong with my vagina

hi everyone,

I am a 24 year old female who has been sexually active for the past 5-6 years with intermittent big time gaps.
I think something is wrong with my body, though. Sex is always painful for me.  There is this burning, painful sensation whenever I am penetrated. Now, I have used lubricant and usually I need tons and tons of lubricant to have sex - but even then, often using lube doesn't work either. I know this will be hard to believe but a lot of times I am impenetrable. Which means that a person tries to penetrate me with their penis but they can't put it inside because my vagina WOULD not open up, even after using lube. 
Some people insist that I don't enjoy sex because of mental issues. I don't think so. Even when I am very turned on, guys have difficulty penetrating me. Often times, I have attempted to have sex on several occasions but then we didn't succeed because they couldn't enter me. And if they do somehow manage to enter me, whether it's using their fingers or their penis, it hurts and burns really badly. Most of the times when they do manage to penetrate me, the sex is very painful. There have been very few times when I actually had painless sex, and yes I had to use tons of lube to achieve that (but as I mentioned earlier, even using lube doesn't help a lot of the times).
I have been talking about my issues to several of my friends over the years, and have finally given up. Something is really wrong with me. Am I doomed to either not have sex/have very painful intercourse? I also would like to mention that fingering/manual penetration hurts me a lot. Manual penetration gives me the same burning sensation. The only couple times that I have gotten pleasure from sex is by using a lot of lube and a vibrator by myself. But I would also like to have PIV sex with a man without writhing in pain (or not being able to have sex at all).
I am really, really beginning to hate my vagina. Maybe I should go to a doctor. At this moment, I can't afford one though. Perhaps I am doomed to just not have sex with people.
Did anybody ever hear of similar stories? Does anyone have any advice?

P.S. I also wanted to add that a lot of guys have told me that I am very "tight." So I am guessing could that have something to do with the pain?
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