thelibraryofsex (thelibraryofsex) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control + Plan B

Hello fellow VPers! 

I began birth control in March and it is now July. I'm on my second week of pills, and I'm sure I haven't missed any pills this month. I think last month I missed one pill, but other than that I've been on time maybe give a couple of minutes (I have seen here that a pill is considered missed after 12 hours, but it is rare I am more than 2 hours late with the pill). On Saturday I had sex with my FWB, and we didn't use condoms because I am on the pill (he's STI free, as am I). He ejaculated, and I had on hand some Plan B as it was the first time I had ever had a guy ejaculate inside of me and I wanted extra back up. I took it about 5-10 minutes after we had sex. 

The thing is, before I went to visit him, my discharge was kind of gooey at the end of my withdrawal bleed like I would if I was ovulating. It seemed to have gone away before we had sex, but the day after, I had gooey, ovulation-like discharge AGAIN! So now I'm slightly worried I ovulated and that the pill nor the plan b will work. 

How worried should I be? 

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