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Hi All!

I have a question.

Back story first:  30 year old CIS woman, married/fluid bonded to a CIS male. Together 8 years, use Alesse 28 for only birth control.  I am very careful with my BC pills and take them at 6am EVERYDAY.

I am a veterinary technician and as luck has it got bit bad enough (by a dog) to need antibiotics.  I am on my last full day of a 10 day course of cephalexin 500mg- 1 pill 3 times daily (last pill due in the morning.)  I have been on cephalexin before without issue, and actually never had any issues with any antibiotics ever.

Also I have a new job, and my hubby and I got married 6 weeks ago.  My June period  (withdrawl bleed) was a little wonky due to the wedding stresses, but this months was normal.   I did swim in the ocean on my honeymoon (new thing) and was on my period for most of this course of Antibiotics, otherwise no changes.

Which brings me to my question. I started feeling a little itchy around my clitoris yesterday, but it was manageanle and not bothersome enough for me to freak.  Then my hubs and I had some sexy times- all was great.  Now today I am really itchy around my clitoris and my discharge while normally scented is thicker, whiter and sort of looks like baby rice cereal at times today. 

I took a bit of my discharge and looked at it under the microscope at work (Im a dork and was alone in the lab), I didnt see any yeast and saw only what I think is normal vaginal flora.   

Does this sound like yeast? im so itchy!! GAH!
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