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Oh... they're back! Go away please? Breast questions.

Well I'm pretty sure a lot of you know me by now (I've come here from pregnancy scares to weakness due to IUD bleeding). Now I come with my current issue, breast growth / swelling. 

Keeping it short, I'm (was) a 32DD, 115 lbs, 5' 6". I cannot touch HBC, as it makes me moody and my breasts grow very fast and a LOT (at 15, I went from a 36 C to a 32F at 16, only to go back down to my old size's equivalent, 32DD after quitting the pill I was on). I'm now 18, had been a 32DD for a while, got an IUD inserted as it did not contain hormones and, except for strong periods (which I associate to feeling weak), it seemed bearable. 

I got it inserted in January 2012, and only started having problems in the end of May. My bras were starting to feel tight, breasts were very hard during PMS. I got my IUD removed after my vacations at the end of June, as I had read that in rare cases, breasts can swell due to copper lowering zinc levels, therefore increasing estrogen, therefore increasing breast size. I took no chances and got it removed.

But, my breasts have not gotten better. I had been wearing my old 32E bra that was too big, and (except for it being stretched in the band size) it fits perfectly, in the cup. It seems my breasts swell a bit more during my period, but never go back down to their initial size, only to get bigger again next cycle. I have not experienced this since my HBC experience(s).

I'm wondering. Could this be water retention? Could I be pregnant (although I do have a period, and bleed quite a bit, although I did notice that my last period with my IUD was bad but not as bad as usual, but I can still fill a super tampon on my first post-IUD period, but it still is less than I'm used to in flow, but longer in the amount of days it lasts)? Could my body still have a lot of copper and be affected by it? 

But especially, is there something I can do to get my old self back? My breasts have always been a touchy subject (writing this had brought a few tears) and I have only been comfortable with a 32DD, not more, and especially not with the idea that they could still get bigger... I don't feel this is normal, as the size I was before they started to swell / grow again was the same as when I was 13-14 in the actual breast size, so it is very alarming and bringing my general mood and motivation to do basic everyday things way down.

Any advice, or help? I feel a bit desperate... :(

*Forgot to mention, I feel a bit of swelling in the stomach area, although I can't say I have an actual 'belly', and it does not seem like fat, just a lot of bloating that doesn't seem to go away. I'm so thin that it is only noticeable to me. And I have not gained weight, I've actually reached a point where I should GAIN, (105-110 lbs is underweight for me, and is my actual weight). 

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