dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Hormonal acne advice?

Hi there superstars!

I've been suffering from hormonal related acne since...since I've started having my menstruation. It got better when I became more conscious with my hygiene but it still persists. I would always have those irritating small dot-like pimples and lots of blackheads and whiteheads.

My OB recommended that I take Yasmin/Diane 35 but I am hesitant because not only do these have negative effect but also I've heard that once you're not on them, the acne would come back big time. Also, I am currently a graduate school student so I don't think I can bear suffering from the negative side effects of those pills from the nausea and emotional depression.

My skin has always been the source of my insecurity. I was grade 5 when I've had lots of them on my forehead. I still remember my teacher one time during class, embarrassed me in front of the class by asking, "why do you have so many pimples?". I did not know what to answer back then. I just felt so small... :(

Please help me. I am so desperate. I too want to have a clear skin. :(
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