Rachel / BCT (blendedchaitea) wrote in vaginapagina,
Rachel / BCT

Itchy Vagina

Hey everyone, I could use some help,

Last weekend my vagina (right around the entroitus) started to itch like MAD, so badly it hurt and I think I freaked my boyfriend out. I put some benzocaine on it, the itch went away, and I took myself to urgent care on Monday.

There, the very nice gyno said she couldn't see any irritation at all and took a few swabs, all of which were negative. She told me to get some clotrimazole, which I've been using. Since then, it's stopped hurting, but the itching is sticking around.

I have no odor, no abnormal discharge, even when I dig around my cervix, so I don't think it's a yeast infection. Today I gave up and put some plain yogurt in my Mooncup and put it in. Worked the first time, not helping now.

tl;dr: Itchy entroitus, no discharge, no odor. Been checked out by doc and gotten tests done for STIs, YI, and BV. Results negative. Tried clotrimazole and plain yogurt, no results. What do?

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