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Periods, Pregnancy Tests and Plan B

Ok, so a few months ago I started having extremely lumpy, tender breasts from around the time of ovulation on through my period starting. I was also feeling very ill along with it, so I went to see a doctor. She insisted I was pregnant even though I was absolutely positive I wasn't (husband and I hadn't had sex in a good while at that point). I told her that I was on my period at that very moment and that it was on time, heavy as normal, and with full on clotting. The doctor told me that even with all of that, I could still be pregnant and that having full on heavy periods during pregnancy wasn't out of the question. I took a test in the office and it came back negative. She couldn't figure out what else was wrong and sent me on my way. Since then, every month I'm afraid I'm actually pregnant even if I get my periods. And if something is a little off, I get even more stressed out.

Cut to last month. Husband and I had sex at the beginning of my cycle on the last day of my period. We didn't have sex for the remainder of the month. When my period came, it was on time, but it was lighter than normal and about a day shorter (but there had still been some clotting). I couldn't fathom that I might be pregnant because we'd had sex so early in the cycle, I had no symptoms, and there was no reason to believe there had been an accident.

As this month got under way, around the time I usually ovulate I had no symptoms of ovulation. None. I usually have cramps, pain and a lot of discharge. I had none of these things. Freaked out, I tested twice about four or five days apart. Both came back negative. I tried to attribute the absence, delay or missing symptoms to the fact that I got REALLY sun burnt (I was literally scabbing up in places) a week or so prior to when I regularly ovulate since I know that illness and injury can sometimes alter your cycle.

Husband and I had sex on the 11th. We had a slight accident that day, and by "slight" I mean that we're 100% positive that no semen got inside my vagina, but we did notice a few drops on my pubic hair when we were cleaning up. Realistically, I know that it is hard for semen to travel from your pubic hair and then have to find a way up inside your vagina and past your cervix. However, just to be safe, I bought the one step Plan B the next day. The morning after sex, but before I took the pill, I noticed a lot of thick, stretchy discharge like I'd get with ovulation. I took the pill a few hours later and after that all of the discharge dried up.

Almost immediately after, I was ill for days. I was really nauseous, unable to finish my meals, very tired and just generally ill feeling. My period has shown up on time, but once again it is light and different than normal. It keeps going from pink to dark brown to dark red to bright red and just cycles like this. There also seems to be some clear, watery discharge mixed in. So now I'm just completely bugging out.

Can I trust the two prior pregnancy tests? If I tested again now, would I be able to trust that result or would I have to wait for another few weeks before I could trust a test? Since my period came on time, could I trust that the Plan B worked and that the change in flow is from having taken the pill? I've taken Plan B before, but I took the two step and had no side effects or change in cycle. Then again, that was five years ago, at least.

I'm just so confused. I used to feel like I knew my body and could trust in it. I've been tracking my cycles for several years now, so I know the ins and outs of my cycle. But since I saw that doctor, I'm just in a constant state of fear that I can't trust my periods and I can't trust pregnancy tests because she said that even with regular heavy periods and negative pee tests, I could still be pregnant. My husband and I don't want kids, but no one will talk to us about sterilization because we're young and healthy.

I just don't know anymore. Does anyone have any thoughts, advice, soothing words? Sorry for the length and complete mess of my post. Thanks in advance. :)
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