laydee (leideigh) wrote in vaginapagina,

irregular period :(

hi all -

so my period has never been "set your clock by it," but this one and the last have been different than normal.

my periods come once a month, generally last about 4-5 days, with normal cramping, etc. i am not on birth control, never have been. not pregnant, never have been. no STIs. i am 31 and use pads.

my last period came with intense cramps and very heavy bleeding and lasted less than 3 days.

i started this period on july 11. aaaaaand i still have it. it has been very light, some days not at all, most days just see it when i wipe, but today i had to use a pad again.

what's going on? any ideas? am i freaking myself out?

thanks everyone......
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