thec_of_nv (thec_of_nv) wrote in vaginapagina,

blood clots

  • taking seasonale 90 day tabs; have for several years
  • sometimes get spotting in between the 90 days; usually just stop the pills & concede defeat for a week - I had a far amount of spotting last week that required a pad, so I stopped taking the pill Thursday or Friday
  • this is normally the last day of my period
The concern: Normally the bleeding would be very light today, but it is heavier than normal. Pretty unusual. I also feel bloaty, which hasn't happened in a long time either.

My question is: How many blood clots is it normal to pass in one day? I've passed 6 or 8 since 2 pm (it's 8 pm now). Normally I have a couple during the course of a whole period, but never so many in one day. Should I be worried? Especially with all of the above stuff being unusual.
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