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Breakthrough bleeding on Loestrin 24 FE, then no withdrawal bleed?

Here I am again! I posted about a week and a half ago about switching from Loestrin 24 FE because it's been doing wonky things to me and my body pretty much since I started taking it in February 2011. I'm back because it's causing me more trouble, even as I'm scheduled to take my first Tri-Sprintec pill tonight.

I've had some pretty inconvenient and abundant breakthrough bleeding on Loestrin off and on. Usually, it's near the middle of the pack, it lasts for a few days, and then I still get my withdrawal bleed. There have been several times after I had breakthrough bleeding that my withdrawal was particularly light.

This month, I had cramping/breakthrough bleeding from about July 6th or 7th through July 10th. It was pretty much like a period, and was so heavy for a few days that I needed to use a tampon. This whole episode was a deciding factor in my switching brands. The bleeding calmed down and I continued to take my pills as usual.

However, yesterday was my last day of Loestrin placebos and I have had very little bleeding. I did bleed Sunday afternoon/evening into Monday morning, like enough blood to see it on the toilet paper/in my urine. Then, after that, I didn't see anything more than some brown tinges on a tampon/toilet paper.

Basically, is this ok? I've never completely missed a period on Loestrin before. I'm guessing I might just not have had any uterine lining left, but I DO NOT want to be pregnant. I did not miss a pill/never took one any later than like 15 minutes late. There were only a couple of times I had sex without an additional method of birth control. Help?
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