veganhothead (veganhothead) wrote in vaginapagina,

Urethra Trouble

Hello all. This is my very first post here. Just under a week ago I started getting symptoms of what I thought was a UTI but something didn't feel right (other than the painful urination and I high-tailed it to a walk-in clinic.

The doc did a urine test and sure enough there was bacteria. But I was feeling awful pain around the outside of my urethra (the fleshy bits between the clitorus and the vaginal opening), so the doc examined me. Although it hurt and sometimes actually felt swollen, he said everything looked normal and prescribed me five days worth of Macrobid.

I didn't seem to be getting any better even though I was downinng water and cranberry juice like crazy. Yesterday I saw my regular MD who upon taking another urine test found the bacteria was now gone and all looked normal to him during the examination. However, my urethra is still paiful to the touch and it still sometimes hurts to urinate (usually the first few of the day are the worst. The doc told me to finish my Macrobid and use a some Penaten cream on my urethra.

Sometimes it atually hurts to sit.

I am sexually active though I always use condoms and I tested negative for STDs when I had my yearly exam six weeks ago (the walk-in doc tested me again just as a precaution but I don't have the results yet). I hadn't had sex in days when the pain started so I doubt it was due to "trauma" as one doc put it.

Have any of you experienced this sort of pain? I'm climbing the walls and I don't know how much more I can stand.

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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