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Period weirdness, depression, and other fun stuff.

Hey lovely people!

I have two semi related issues that I think could use some VP wisdom.

From the time I started menstruating (age 12, I'm now 19) I've had really long gaps between my periods. At first it was completely irregular, but after a few years it worked itself out to about once every two to two and a half months. 

At Christmas I got an iPod and thought, hey, I should totally get a period tracker app. The first two cycles I was able to track were both 60 days, and I went to my doctor just to see if there could be a problem. She said it was a regular period and I didn't have any other issues so I was fine. I went on my merry way, thinking I was actually pretty lucky. 

Ironically, my next period after seeing the doctor came 31 days after the one before it, and the next one was 32 days. That was last month. This month seems to be following the same trend, as I'm on day 32 right now and I can tell I'll be bleeding tomorrow or the next day.

My question here is a pretty confused "what the heck?" Has this every happened to any of you? If so, does it switch back? I was pretty happy only menstruating once every other month.

My other issue is that I have really nasty PMS of the crabby-weepy-mess variety. For at least a week, sometimes a week and a half before my period I am either irritable and angry, a bit manic, or sad and hopeless for no good reason. Basically, it plays merry hell with my emotions and it keeps getting worse. Normally I'm a calm, emotionally level, and positive kind of person so I hate being so erratic and either irritated by or indifferent towards people I otherwise love to bits. I don't enjoy doing anything or being with anyone for the week, so I end up being a miserable unproductive sack of angst until it goes away.

My question here is: is there a way to regulate this at all? I'd really like to stop worrying about planning things the week before my period because I know I'm going to be miserable. I've been on the pill once before (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Low) but it made my depression worse and I basically felt like I was PMSing all the time, AND it didn't help with the bad cramps and heavy bleeding like it was supposed to so I stopped after a few months. I thought that maybe getting a pill that's the same amounts of hormones all month and then stacking might help, but I'm not sure I want to risk it with the depression again. I'm gay and not planning on any potentially baby-making sex any time soon so contraception isn't a factor. I'm really just open to anything that might help.

Phew. Sorry for the ridiculously long question.

Thank you in advance :)

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