freaky_saiyuki (freaky_saiyuki) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control options...

Hi everyone,
so i have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. Its going to be my boyfriends birthday in 3 weeks and we have decided to finally have sex for his birthday. However my GP told me that i should start my birth control pills the next time i have my period so im waiting till then to start them, but according to my calculations im due to have my period a few days before his birthday. Hes also said that he would like to have sex bare without a condom, and i said only for special occasions. So, ive been thinking his birthday is a special occasion and id like to have sex without a condom. But my GP said even after a week using the pill i should still use a condom.

so ive come up with a few options
a. dont start the pill have sex then use the morning after pill.
b. use the pill and use condom aswell
c. use the pill have sex withOUT condoms and use the morning after pill the next day.

I guess my main concern is...does the morning after pill interfere with the pill? And is being on the pill only reliable enough..?
Ive been prescribed LEVLEN ED TABLET 150mcg/30mcg (21), inactive (7) what are your experiences with this particular brand?

Im still a virgin and have never been on the pill before so...i would like to get some opinions.

many thanks
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