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HELP: Blood in Vaginal Discharge, Very Light Period

I am a 26 year old virgin. Since 5 years ago, I started to masturbate frequently, perhaps 3-4 times a week. I masturbate only by simulating my nipples and infrequently rubbing between my legs externally. However since 3 years ago I noticed a slight thread of blood in vaginal discharge after I masturbate and this usually happens mid-cycle, randomly and usually one-off.

My period cycle is on average 28 days but there are some occasions where my period comes on the 27th day or the 31st day. I had my first period when I was 12 and have never missed any period since. My period usually lasts 7 days, with heavy bleeding on the first 3 days, followed by light bleeding on the next 2 days and infrequent brown/light brown spotting until the 7th day, when I am 100% percent sure that my period has ended. My last (month) period cycle was 30 days.

On the 13th day of the current cycle, I noticed almost a drop of bright red blood among clear vaginal discharge after I masturbated. I was so scared since I have never found that much blood in vaginal discharge. For several hours afterwards I saw several threads of blood in vaginal discharge.

On the 16th day, I found another thread of blood in vaginal discharge and this time I have no idea what caused it.

On the 20th day, I found blood (the consistency of the blood is light, like it has been slightly diluted with water) staining my panties and no trace of vaginal discharge. The stain was approximately the size of a thumb. I think I was feeling aroused prior to finding the blood. I then found a little blood in vaginal discharge (my vaginal discharge was yellowish but I think it is normal for me since I've had it since I can remember and I don't feel itchy nor there is any redness) throughout the day and the next day. I think the total amount of blood that I saw during these two days amounts to 1 or 1 1/2 drop of blood.

On the 23rd day I found a little blood in vaginal discharge and it occurred only once. I went to the doctor (In my country we don't have the concept of "my doctor" hence this is a new doctor that I have never seen before) and she told me that it is normal to find blood in vaginal discharge and told me that I'll only need to see the gyn if the bleeding is heavy, i.e. to the point that I need a pad. The doctor is not a gyn, by the way, just a GP.

On the 27th day (yesterday), I woke up to find blood (the consistency of the blood is a bit light, like it has been slightly diluted with water) staining my panties and a little bit on my pants. My period usually starts like this so I thought that my period came. But it has been more than 24 hours and there is no more blood coming out except for a little blood (dark red/light brown, totaling less than a drop in 24 hours) in yellow vaginal discharge.

So now I'm not sure whether the blood I saw yesterday was caused by period or not. I had been so stressed over finding blood in vaginal discharge, especially during the 20th to the 23th day. I'm so scared that those blood might be a sign of cancer or something serious. What should I do? What is happening to me?

Oh, and I don't feel any pain during the bloody vaginal discharge episodes but I do feel dull and sudden pain near/slightly above my right hip randomly and infrequently. And I have stopped masturbating after I saw the blood on the 13th day.

Please help.

(and LJ doesn't let me add tag to this post. It says, "Error updating journal: Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal")
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