Leah (ulisesgirl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina... y u always bleed after sex??

Hello, kittens!  :) 

One big question and one little question. 

Big question:  Every single freaking time I have sex with my boyfriend (at least once a week when we can manage it), I wind up bleeding afterwards.  I'm assuming it's related to my IUD (Mirena user since January), but it's not something I've heard a lot of other superstars dealing with.  It's very fresh, bright red blood that appears immediately after sex when I sit down to pee.  It's not a lot, but enough to make me wear a pantiliner so as to prevent ruining my underwear.  It's tiresome...

Background: 27/cis-f/nullip.  Mirena IUD since January.  Last pap in January, everything was A-OK. 

Any insight, solutions, etc?  I'll X-post to IUD_Diva's also. 

Now little question - less about me, more about the penis that goes in me and the man who belongs to it. 

Does anyone have any insight or experience with a man with low Testosterone?  (Cis M/35 - Test levels of a 70 year old man due to opiate use after major surgery) - it's not affecting our sex life too much - his drive is OK, but he says that it's keeping him from going as long as he would like to. 

Thanks kittens - as always, you're the best!  :D 

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