Erin (engravers) wrote in vaginapagina,

Seasonique anxiety.

So... I did a bad thing. I googled experiences with Seasonique, which my doctor just prescribed me today (although I wont start it until the 29th). I have awful anxiety in general and I have always been TERRIFIED of taking any kind anything other than antibiotics, whether it be birth control or pain killers because I am so afraid of the side effects or dependency/addiction. But I'm going to be moving in with my long-distance boyfriend in a month and quite frankly, the diaphragm sucks and is really inconvenient. So I figured I'd pull up my big girl panties and try the real stuff, until I read about never-ending periods, acne breakouts (which, along with weight gain, my doctor told me to my face would most definitely not happen on this birth control? Wut?!) The pharmacist already warned me that I'd probably experience some spotting while my body adjusts, which is fine, but... Weight gain and acne are the biggest reasons I have refused birth control - I just don't want to create any problems for myself, you know? I've never ever had any legitimate health problems (other than being quite overweight, although I have no problems and my health is otherwise perfect) and my periods have literally been regular since day one; they have consistently been five days long with cramps only on the first day. I've always considered myself pretty lucky in that aspect and now I'm terrified that my beautiful five-day-long period is going to turn into a months-long period from hell.

So I guess I'm just wondering if you all could share some success stories with Seasonique or the generics? Because now I kind of just want to throw the pack out and become a nun. :(
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