calliope_music (calliope_music) wrote in vaginapagina,

Change in menstrual blood color and smell

Hi VPers!

I come with a question. I have noticed a change in the way my menstrual blood looks and smells. It is a very dark..gray, almost. And honestly, it smells like poo. I am very confused - I have never had this happen before in my life. My period was also lighter than normal...while I do generally get lighter periods, this was SUPER light. Any ideas as to what this could be? I know that everyone is different, but I am hoping perhaps someone else has had this experience.

My period came a few days early this month because I royally messed up taking my BCP (Ocella, generic form of Yasmin) due to traveling. My husband and I did have sex a few times (sans condom) while we were traveling, and because I messed up my pills, I figure there is always a chance I could be pregnant. Could this explain the funky smell and color? I was going to take a pregnancy test just in case, but thought I should wait until my period was actually over.

I have no itching, burning, or otherwise odd-looking discharge or symptoms. I have been getting the normal aches and cramps that I get when I have my period as well.

I made an appointment with my gyno, but she can't get me in until next Wednesday.

Thanks for any input, superstars :)

Edit: I found an old tampon. In my vagina. No idea how old it is. I hope this is the culprit! I can't believe I did that!
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