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6 month prolactin checkup - update

Previous posts:

I went for my 6 month follow up for bloodwork this week. My Dr was out sick so I had to meet with another one within the same practice. He was nice but I admit it can be both awkward but maybe enlightening to get a different opinion. With that said, I wish I would have spoken with my own Dr because I prefer his methods.

Anyways, to keep this current, my bloodwork came back normal, and he checked my vitamin D levels which were low (I need to get out more!) He also wrote a prescription for an MRI - which I really don't want to go to for a variety of reasons.  The initial MRI, showed the tumor but it was smaller than pinhead, like the Dr couldn't even find it.

The icing on the cake during this visit, was how baffled the Dr was that my levels went down on their own because I am not taking any medicine.  He was really "WTF" and it made me uncomfortable. The body does things we can't explain but if things are normal and I feel fine, my bloodwork is fine, why make a cause for concern. (No missed periods or cycles, no discharge from the breasts)

He also said that stress doesn't cause them to arise, but I disagree, I've read articles and cases...I have General Anxiety Disorder and I've been anxious all my life. I really think that that is part of it.

I wanted to throw it out there...

Can prolactin levels lower on their own, if so how or why does it happen?
Is stress a factor?

Thank you!
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