Leah (rayofblacklight) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ejaculation --> Burning

I'm a cis-female, 25, and have been married to a cis-male for almost 2 years. I've had an IUD (Merina) for almost two years as well. I'm an abuse survivor. Consequently, my husband and I rarely have PIV sex. We don't usually use condoms because of the IUD. However, when we do if he ejaculates inside me it always burns. I wouldn't say that I feel like I'm on fire, but it is somewhat strong and sometimes it lasts for an hour plus.  Usually I shower afterwards but that doesn't help reduce the burning. Besides being uncomfortable for me, it is triggering. I know that one possible solution would be to wear condoms, but he really doesn't like them. I know he would, but if there's another solution that would be great. SO. Is this normal? Am I allergic to his semen? What can we do to reduce this? 


Mods: I hope this is okay; I checked the tags and the only other entry on this topic was in 2006.
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