Tippecanoe and Tyler, too. ♥ (tylerwetrust) wrote in vaginapagina,
Tippecanoe and Tyler, too. ♥

Unsure if HBC Pill was taken properly

Hey VPers, 

I have a feeling this is a really silly question and I can't believe I put myself in a position to be asking it. I take a tri-nessa and am usually almost perfect in taking it. I took my second-to-last active pill 5 minutes ago, mistakenly without water. Well, lo and behold, after about 3 minutes something in my throat causes me to cough. It turns out it was my pill, with all the blue coating dissolved off. It seemed like the bulk of the pill was still in tact, so I swallowed it. I had a spare pack but I (mistakenly again) left it in the trunk of my car where it surely got very very hot. 

My question is: Will this count as a missed pill? I'm kind of freaking myself out a bit. The only sex I'm concerned about occurred today, but he withdrew well in advance. Should I use backup protection during my off week?

Thanks. :)
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