Rachel (atomiccake) wrote in vaginapagina,

Darkened skin in groin and under arms- does it ever go away?

I'm 24 and I've notice for about a year that the skin near my groin (going out about two inches down the insides of my legs to the point where I can't wear a bathing suit) is a lot darker than the rest of my skin. I also have similar dark marks under my arms which keeps me from wearing tank tops. They go down the sides of my body to my breasts. The crease at where my leg and vulva meet is so dark in spots it looks like bruising. I know that this can be caused by insulin resistance, but I don't really have any other pre-diabetic symptoms except for skin darkening. I'm not overweight although I'm also out of shape and don't eat too well, so I will get checked anyway when I get the chance. If this is caused by insulin resistance can it be reversed by exercising more and eating better? I am also on birth control, I don't know if that can factor in, and I've never been pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this, and has anything helped in lightening it, or is this permanent?

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