Stef (morningapproach) wrote in vaginapagina,

Itchy/sore vulva and vaginal entrance

I am out in New England, visiting my boyfriend. We've been having very regular, barrier free sex (I am on the pill). We are both 99% sure were STD free. Last night I noticed that during PIV intercourse the entrance of my vagina was itchy/tender. Not so muh that we needed to stop sex, but just a minor annoyance. This morning I noticed that the inside of my vulva is also itchy, and feels rough to the touch - not bumpy persay, but just rough and irritated. The entrance to my vagina is now feeling sore to the touch - particular the lower side, closer to my anus. 

Is this just from the frequent sex? My last sexual partner before him wasn't as endowed, nor was it as frequent. There was roughly a 3-4 month gap in between the two men. Could it be a sign of something more serious? At my last pap in March she said that my cervix was swollen and inflamed, and to keep an eye on any bleeding from sex, and after the first few times we had sex the bleeding stopped entirely. 

I did invest in travel insurance before I left Canada, so I can go see a medical clinic if I need to, but I'd rather not since it is a hassle to do the running around for it (making phone calls, getting it all approved, etc).  Any idea what I can do to soothe the irritations? I have some all purpose healing salve here that ive been recommended to use from a herbalist, but I'm wondering if you ladies would recommend anything else. 

Thanks, sorry this is isn't as coherent as I want it to be :)
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