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Getting married on Saturday! Halp!

Sooo for those of you who remember me I'm getting married THIS SATURDAY (I asked previously about hot tub sex and lube suggestions). And I have some fun symptoms.

Symptoms: Dull ache in bladder area, uncomfortablness when peeing (kind of low, low grade burning feeling but all around uncomfy), sudden urges to pee, AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, my vulva has been quite dry the past few days and itchy/burny. So UTI and fucking yeast infection? Or heat rash instead of yeast maybe, because i have to walk a half mile in a prison yard in dress pants in 100 degree head everyday. Or BV? I have had slightly more discharge than usual but no unusual smell.

Went to the urgent care today and they gave me Macrobid and Diflucan. Didn't check me for yeast, just prescribed the diflucan. CHecked my urine for a UTI and didn't get any results because my urine was so diluted because I drank a ton of water today. But prescribed Macrobid. Which could give me a YI, so they gave me two diflucans, one for now and one for after the 7 days of the antibiotic.

Ok, so, I want to get rid of this shit fast. So I'm guzzling cranberry juice (but cocktail because the grocery store doesn't have regular, but cranbery juice was the first ingredient). I also bought some plain greek yogurt because the fucking grocery store doesn't have regular plain yogurt. Can I use greek on my vag? I also bought two douches to empty and douche with yogurt if you all thought that was a good idea. And i bought hydrogen peroxide. Is that for YIs or BV? And will my antibiotic get rid of it if it's BV?

Thanks, dears. Please help meee!
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