ithinkheaven (ithinkheaven) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boric acid in anus?

I'm just wondering if boric acid would be safe to use as a suppository in the anus. I've been dealing with anal itching for a while now, and I (nor my doctor) can figure out why. I've had it inspected for hemorrhoids (very small ones) and I've even had a sigmoidoscopy, which showed that everything was healthy. Since then, I've been using a corticosteroid foam that shoots up there, but it only works sometimes and I don't want to use that forever, due to skin thinning. 

I've also struggled with some mild yeast/BV symptoms, but I'm not sure what it is--yellowish/white clumps of matter that stick to the folds of my vagina and a smell like BO, even though I shower every day. I've been using boric acid for the past 3 nights and have noticed that there's no more of the yellow/white clumps and the smell has greatly improved. Now I'm wondering if the yeast or BV could be causing my anal symptoms, and whether it would be safe to try sticking a few boric acid capsules up there to really kill it off. 

Thanks for any advice.
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