mustangracer (mustangracer) wrote in vaginapagina,

$0 Cost Birth Control (US)

I just received the best news ever from my insurance company (United HealthCare). They stated as part of the "Heath Care Reform", EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1ST, they will be providing a number of birth control brands FREE OF CHARGE!

And my brand, Yasim, is on the list!!!

I am so excited! I've battled with them for 2 years because they would NOT pay anything on my prescription for Yasmin in the past. I've paid anywhere from $85 to $40 a month for this medicine and now it's FREEE!

They have 6 brand names, 15 generics, 3 emergency contraceptives and are even including diaphragms!

This is AMAZING!

<---- doing the happydance!
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