Adrianna (meowkitten) wrote in vaginapagina,

shortened period

I was set to start my period around the 10th of July. Well I started it and it only lasted 1.5 days. so i have a few questions...

i have never been really regular. but this is odd. i had my last period june 13th and it lasted about 3 days. i had unprotected sex (he did not finish inside me, i know this doesn't matter) but fast forward to a few days ago...i started my period on July 10th. I had a heavy flow, cramps and the whole 9. It ended the night of the 11th. I still have some brownish discharge.

i am in a semi stressful environment now (i am currently deployed to Afghanistan), the food here is playing tricks on my stomach (i.e diarrhea, cramps, bloating etc) and i am taking an anti malaria pill. so idk, i'm stressing myself out to the point of sickness and crying about this.

since i started my period and had a normal-ish flow after i had the unprotected sex, we could say stress and the environment can play a part in my shortened period?

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