dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

A Bad Experience with Mistletoe + Boneset for YI

Short version: Be careful, Azo Yeast can give you tummyaches from hell. But, I'm not a doctor, and it might help you. [edit: Azo Yeast contains European mistletoe not the poisonous bits...and boneset.)

Long version (edited for word choice): So thanks to the recent Weather Event down here in the Southland, I was without power in 100 degree heat for a week. The intense sweating, combined with my period being about to start, led to some mild itching that I thought might be a yeast infection.  I didn't have discharge or any smell, and usually I get those with yeast infections.  The itching got to be annoying, and I am crazy allergic to topic antifungals, AND I don't have a regular doctor who I can just call for a Diflucan prescription SO...I thought I would try Azo Yeast. It's not meant to treat yeast infections, but it relieves the symptoms and I figured it would get me through a few days until I could see the doctor.

Wrong-zo. I have had great luck in the past with using Azo to treat the massive discomfort I've had with a UTI, and to treat the once-every-few-months urinary urgency and slight incontinence I get with my period.  (For some reason, for a day or two, I have to pee every goddamn minute...basically it's like I lose control of my pelvic floor and my bladder has a party.)

HOWEVER, the Azo Yeast stuff gave me unbelievably bad stomach cramps followed by diarrhea.  Now, I get these things with my period sometimes, but this pain was different from the usual variety and the diarrhea was also...uh...much more copious.

The good news is that my period has started and my itching is gone. I made a doctor's appointment for just after my period in case I actually have an infection that needs to be treated, and the doc has agreed to phone in a scrip if the itching comes back before I see her.
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