Molly (thechargingbull) wrote in vaginapagina,

To delay or to induce

Hi, everyone! I take a generic version of the pill, have for almost 3 years now, I don't stack and my period is very regular. Yesterday I realized that my period is slated to fall on the week I will be going on vacation (to a lake) with my boyfriend. Not ideal, obviously.

What I'm trying to determine now, as I am on week 1 of my pack right now, is do I try and induce my period a week early or do I stack and try and stave if off for a week? I'm mostly just curious with what has worked best for others.

When I first started the pill I was using .5/35 and I had attempted to stack and it was never very successful. Two years ago I was switched 1/35 because I was getting two periods a month. Now so long as I take the pill at the same time every day I'm fine and my period arrives as expected- on my off week, and it's pretty light and usually goes Monday/Tuesday-Thursday/Friday If I forget to take it in the morning (8:30 a.m.) and have to take it even 8 hours later there is a very good chance my period tries to start early. I just roll my eyes and finish out my pack and the my off week is usually just a really light period.

My gut feeling is that I will be more successful trying to start my period early by only taking my first two weeks of pills very diligently at 8:30 and then on the third week stopping entirely to hopefully start an early period and then starting up a new pack the following Sunday but like I said, I'd like opinions and experiences from those who have tried this. I would even try the parsley tea business.

I do realize that by skipping a whole week of active pills I would be misusing the pill and thereby reducing it's effectiveness and if I do opt for this method the boyfriend and I will happily use condoms. My concern is just not having to have my period on my one week of vacation haha.

Thoughts? Compare and contrast? Thank you!
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