freaky_saiyuki (freaky_saiyuki) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal Bleeding?

Hey guys...well to get to the boyfriend has been (for lack of a better term) fingering me and its been great BUT (theres always a but) ive been experiencing some vaginal bleeding. It tends to occur when things get a little bit rougher, but it feels really good and i have no pain what so ever! The bleeding always comes as a surprise to both of us. The first time blood was present we both figured he broke my hymen, but it happened a second time! There was more blood the second time too. After when i got cleaned up i just felt around, and my hymen is still in tact!

Im confused with this whole hymen business isnt it supposed to break, bleeding occurs when it does and thats it?

Im just worried that bleeding may be caused by something serious.... i dont know why bleeding is occurring!

It would be great to get some advice.
Many thanks in advance.

p.s i didnt have my period or was it even close to my period date.
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