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Crappy TV has made me paranoid about masturbating

ETA: Thought I'd better put this under a cut. If you're a hypochondriac, read with caution.

Okay, so this is absolutely ridiculous but I feel like I need reassurance about something that is most likely very silly. Several months ago I saw an episode of 100 Ways to Die where a woman masturbating with some sort of vegetable died of an air embolism because she cut the inside of her vagina with this vegetable and forced air in. I masturbate with my hands quite often and have kind of long fingernails and since I saw that I don't really let myself get carried away while fingering myself. Occasionally I'll accidently scratch myself in there when fingering myself and it bleeds a bit which makes me even more paranoid about the whole thing.

So basically what I'm asking is whether it is actually possible to accidently off myself though masturbation. I feel so silly asking, but I can't seem to let it go and I miss the old days of letting myself get carried away while fingering myself.
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