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Chronic YI Help! and YI & swimming question

Hi VPers,
I'm here once again to ask for your advice. Long story short, I've had chronic YI (YI once a month) for 2 1/2 years, it's fluconazol (diflucan) resistant yeast. I usually treat it with Canesten 3 Days since it's what usually works the quickest and efficiently for me. That being said for the last 2 years I've also tried: probiotics, yogurt insert, boric acid capsules, Gentian Violent, changing my diet, doing a Candida cleanse and nothing has kept the yeast at bay. At this poing my doctor says "Some people have allergies, you have yeast" which is not something I am OK with. I'm now trying Apple Vinegar douching. I looked it up in the Vulvapedia and it said 2 tablespoons to 1 pint, which is what I've been doing since Saturday. I didn't do it last night and this morning I had increase discharge. I browsed past entries here and saw that half/half was recommend so I douched with that amount.

My question is how should I be doing the Apple Vinegar douching? And for how long? Could I have triggered by the extra discharge by douching earlier this week? Also any additional tips, past experiences with dealing with chronic YI would be much appreciated still I'm still trying to find the combinations of remedies that will work for me.

Second question: I'm going to a lake house this weekend and will most likely be dealing with a full on YI. Should I bother starting Canestan tonight for the 3 days I'm there or will being in a lake most likely cancel it out?

Thank you!
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