Madelynn (dearestevermore) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condoms and sensitive skin

Hi everyone =)

I'm interested in hearing some of your latex condom preferences-- especially if you have sensitive skin. I used to use latex condoms a few years ago at the beginning of my relationship with my partner but my vagina was not terribly happy with them so we discontinued use when I went on birth control after about two months. However, I'm really interested in giving them another shot since I have been displeased with the nonlatex condoms we've tried and I realize there could have been other things contributing to my vaginal unhappiness other than the latex itself. So! For those of you who have pretty reactive skin, which latex condoms have you found best for both skin sensitivity and overall pleasure? The particular issue I'm having with the nonlatex condoms we've tried is that they are not really transmitting any body heat so it just feels weird and plastic-bag like on my end, so anything that doesn't do that would be awesome. 

In addition, we currently exclusively use Firefly lube and love it, but it is not safe to use with latex condoms. Any recommendations for similar lubes that are safe to use with latex condoms are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!  

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