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HBC, Sex, and Virginity!

Hi vagina friends!

First of all, my doctor at my local free family planning clinic just switched me from Desogen to Seasonale because I was telling her about how horrible my periods/withdrawal bleeds are. She told me that Seasonale has the same exact hormones and amounts of hormones as Desogen so I probably shouldn't notice any new side effects. But I was looking at the active ingredients of both, and both have ethinyl estradiol, but Desogen has desogestrel and Seasonale has levonorgestrel. Are these last two the same hormone but different names or something? I'm quite confused.

Also, I really want to get the implant sometime soon, especially since I have occasional migraines and I'm worried about potentially having a stroke or whatever. Any good links to side effects of Implanon?

Soooo, I'm a PIV virgin and so is my lovely fiance. We're getting married on the 21st of this month (coming up so soon omgomgomg so much to do still...) and I'm 22 and seriously nervous about having PIV sex for the first time. I'm kind of afraid it'll hurt even though I can painlessly be fingered and use a lunette menstrual cup and I'm pretty sure my hymen is long gone. Any tips or anything regarding losing my virginity?

For our honeymoon, we're staying at a resort in our own little cabin with our own private hot tub, and I guess it's a bit of a fantasy of his to have sex in water. He asked if I wanted to have sex in the hot tub, and my first reaction was "oh god no" but I know a lot of people DO have sex in water with no ill effects. Any tips or recommendations for this? Do I need extra lube or a certain kind of lube, or just go with my natural stuff and see what works? And wouldn't his peen kind of force water up in my junk? Or does it just get pushed out of me as he enters? Or does he enter first, then our bodies go under water? Sorry if these are dumb questions, haha.

Thanks, pals!
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