Skunk (skunk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Best OTC yeast infection treatments, and treating a male partner?

So.. I've been blessed with what I'm almost 95% positive is a yeast infection. I've had them in the past, and this fits the bill. Normally, I would just head to the doctor and get a script from her - however, I'm currently 500 miles away from home visiting with SOs family, so thats out of the question, and I'd really rather avoid a pricey visit to a clinic around here.

Does anyone have any suggestions for their favorite OTC treatments for yeast infections? I'm admittedly a bit overwhelmed with the choices and my biggest issue right now is that the itching is absolutely driving me mad.

I appreciate holistic, homemade remedies - but being that I'm not at home right now, I'd really prefer to stick with something that won't make a big mess or require a lot of fuss - i.e. pre-packaged suppositories/creams.

My biggest confusion right now is what brand to go with, and whether to grab the 3, 5, or 7 day kits. I've heard that the shorter treatments can be a bit harsh, so I'm a bit wary. Also, any recs for topical creams that keep the itchiness at bay would be GREATLY appreciated!

Also, should I suggest my SO get treatment too, just in case? I did notice a bit of dry skin on the tip of his foreskin the other day, so there is a possibility I passed it to him. He told me it isn't swollen or itchy though. What is the best treatment for men, when it comes to this kind of thing?
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