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Tell me your experiences with NuvaRing, please!

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about birth control options, and the NuvaRing is seeming interesting. I'm 25, never been pregnant, and currently have a Paragard IUD, which I like for its freedom from hormones, but it has been painful lately and having an artificial thing in my uterus is starting to bother me. I suspect is it causing me various forms of discomfort and a sort of general feeling of "weakness" in that area of my body.

I'm interested in the NuvaRing because it's something you don't have to think about often (I'm bad with pill-taking for long periods of time), it has an extremely low potential for discomfort during sex, unlike an IUD or diaphragm, and seems pretty effective. BUT I'm concerned about the side effects of the hormones, so I'd love to know what your experiences with it are/were.

For you, has it caused:

Weight gain, loss of libido, increase in acne, increase of vaginal/urinary infections?

Decrease in acne? (something I'm hoping for!) 

Has it changed your sex drive or moods or health?

Do you love it? Hate it? Why?

Anything else I should know? (I read the pharmacy insert that comes with the brochure, and the Vulvapedia HBC page, so I'm pretty well informed about the general stuff.)

ETA: now I'm wondering-- what birth control method has worked best for you?

Thanks so much!

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