Sarah (washable) wrote in vaginapagina,

Depo Lupron effectiveness

Hi VP All Stars,

I've been on Depo Lupron to treat Stage 4 Endometriosis for 2-months. Long story short: in February of this year, I had emergency surgery for ovarian torsion. When my surgeon (who is now my gyno) opened me up to flip the ovary back over, he found that I had endometriosis everywhere. That is a whole other story and I am currently in litigation for medical neglience against my original doctor (FML). Once I healed up from surgery, he put on Depo Lupron. While he explained the side effects and all that jazz, I wanted to get the perspective of those who have actually been on it.

My question is, for those of you who have been on it and completed the treatment, did it help you in regards to your endometriosis whether is be the symptoms, spreading of it, etc? I would definitely love to hear your stories and opinions on the treatment. If you don't feel comfortable posting about it here, PMing me is totally fine.

Thanks in advance!
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