Kayla Jay (hey_kayla_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Jay

Should I get a copper IUD?

I need a new method of birth control. I was relying on the pull-out method along with tracking my cycle, but I've had one too many paranoid mishaps and have had enough. 

I did a little research and I'm thinking the ParaGard IUD would be best for me. I need something I don't need to keep track of like the pill or the ring, since I'm way too much of a space cadet to use either of those perfectly, and I don't want all the symptoms and side effects that come with hormonal methods (I don't need weight gain and acne and I'm already moody enough at certain times of the month, thank you very much).

Is there anyone here with a copper IUD that would wanna tell me about their experience with it? Do you like it? Why did you choose it? What kind of side-effects, if any, did you have with it? 

(Slightly unrelated) I have Insurance, I'm on my dad's policy. However, I just started a new job and my insurance from there should kick in in a couple months. Should I just wait till my work insurance starts covering me to get an IUD? 
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