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Strange question, HBC and gall bladder

So I had been on HBC for 7 years until May. From March to May 1st I had mind numbing pain under my ribs, at first thinking and realizing I had strep that had settled in my liver. But after the strep was treated the pain continued. I felt no break from the pain and it was continuous. It was there when I went to sleep and there when I woke up and it was in NO way responsive to food, fasting or any other stomach related treatments. I went to doctor after doctor and everyone just told me my gallbladder was failing but couldn't tell me why. The GI doctor seemed to care very little how much pain I was in, and just wanted to remove my gall bladder without identifying the problem. I should mention I am healthy, active, and only 25 years old, my cholesterol is extremely low (102) and therefore my gallbladder was suddenly failing for NO reason. The GI doctor was pushing removal and I was taking some time to think about it. Late one night I googled hbc and gall bladder and stumbled upon manyyyyy people who had this happen to them related to Yaz, and Lo estrin 28 which I was on at the time.

So I went off the pills and viola within a month the pain was gone. My question is what if I want to go back on HBC will the same thing happen? Has anyone ever experienced any think like this? I guess I just need some advice. I feel weird not being on HBC which gave me so much peace of mind.
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