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HPV nightmare

Hi, it's my first post here and I'd like to thank in advance whoever will be able to help me understand what is happening.
About a month and a half ago, I noticed what I thought was a little bump full of blood (it was dark purple) on my labia minora, near my clitoris. It was very itchy and I got really scared. I took a shower the next day and it deflated with a little bit of blood coming out. It was still very itchy and it looked like an exposed little vein or something. I went to a gp the same day and she said it as nothing to worry about. Two weeks later it hadn't disappeared and I noticed that small skin coloured growths were coming out of my vagina. My labias were also hard and swollen. It looked like my lips were separated in small itchy bumps. I returned to the doctor and she told me I had HPV. This is really surprising since I've had only one sex partner, my boyfriend of four years. He could only have contracted it from a girl who he slept with once and with whom he used a condom. So I kind of won at the STD lottery jackpot. Also, I had a pap test about six months ago which came out normal. So I'm worried it could be something else.

Now, the doctor used cryotherapy to treat my genital warts although it looked more like swollen nodules than actual warts. Then it looked like it had worked a little bit and my lips were back to normal. However one of my labia majora has darkened in color and seems to hang a lot more. My boyfriend noticed this too. After three treatments, the warts I have near the entry of my vagina are still there. Also, yesterday, another bloody nodule appeared on the other side of my vulva and popped when I took a bath. And now my small lips are swollen and hard. It's the same thing as before. I don't understand how it could come back that fast...

Anyways, I'm really scared and I feel like it will never go away...if it really is HPV.
So do you think it's just HPV?
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