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MMMMonday! Lunapads, One4Her, and a giveaway for you!

Happy MMMMonday! Every week on Monday, we bring you special, maintainer-curated content intended to enrich your VP experience. You can always find MMMMonday posts by checking the tags "mmmmonday" or "featured-posts", and when our sidebar is working properly, it will be there too! We hope you enjoy today's post.

This week, we've got a whole lot going on in our MMMMonday post! Read on to find out about a cool new program from Lunapads, a favorite of many VPers...and to find out about a giveaway and discount code just for us!

You may be aware of Lunapads' Pads4Girls initiative, an effort to support people in Africa who are in need of menstrual supplies. There's a new aspect to this program called One4Her, which we think VPers will be interested to learn about. Check out the press release below, and be sure to follow the link at the end to a Lunapads blog entry that provides more information!

Vancouver entrepreneur Madeleine Shaw started making Lunapads - colourful, washable cloth menstrual pads - in response to her own health and environmental concerns in 1993, and went on to globally launch the line with business partner Suzanne Siemens. Today, the company sells its products to people in 40 countries and estimates that 1 million disposable pads and tampons are diverted from landfills every month as a result.

Shortly after joining forces in 2000, the pair were alerted to the fact that what most North American consumers take for granted - easy access to pads and tampons - was far from true for girls and women in the developing world. “Because girls don’t have any products, they stay home from school when they have their periods,” Shaw explains. The impact is devastating, resulting in earlier school dropout, marriage and pregnancy. Deeply affected by this knowledge, Shaw and Siemens starting sending donations of Lunapads to girls in need, dubbing the initiative “Pads4Girls”.

In 2008 Pads4Girls went to a new level, when an email arrived from development workers Paul Grinvalds and Sophia Klumpp requesting permission to copy the Lunapads design and business model to create “AFRIpads” in Uganda. “We simply said Yes because it felt like the right thing to do: provide the means for immediate access to cloth pads for the girls,” explains Siemens.

In January 2012 Shaw and Siemens traveled to Uganda to meet the AFRIpads team and founders in person. What they discovered was a business that employs 50 women who are using their employment income to purchase land, homes and livestock, and invest in their children’s education. AFRIpads is projected to distribute 100,000 pad kits comprised of products modeled after the ones Shaw first devised almost 20 years earlier - and more growth is on the horizon. The two companies have collaborated to create One4Her, a “Buy one, Give one” arrangement whereby designated Lunapads purchases trigger the donation of an AFRIpad to a girl in need.

“The trip to Uganda was an all-time business highlight for us, and really showed us the power of business as a vehicle for social change,” says Siemens. “If you can change the future for girls, you change the future for entire communities."

The One4Her project has been launched and there's lots of information about it at the Lunapads blog. Basically, for every consumer purchase of eligible Lunapads merchandise, Lunapads will fund a Ugandan-made AFRIpad that will be given to someone who needs one. (There are some restrictions as to which items apply, more info is available in the blog post). This is a financially and environmentally efficient system, as well as one that provides local employment for women.

In celebration of the launch of this program, and because the folks at Lunapads are fans of VP (!!) they'd like to share this coupon code with VP members:

For 15% off orders over $35, enter the code VAGPAGLUV at checkout. How awesome is that?

In other super cool news, they'd also like to offer VPers the chance to win a $50 Lunapads Gift Certificate!
For a chance to win, "like" VaginaPagina or Lunapads on Facebook, follow either of us on Twitter (usernames lunapads and vaginapagina). While we'd both love your likes and follows, if you don't do either FB or Twitter, you can just comment here for a chance to win too. :) Pick any combination of 3 for up to 3 entries, but please make a separate comment to this post for each entry, for ease of counting. Because describing these things can be confusing, here's an example:

Entry one: like VP on Facebook and comment here to let us know you've done so
Entry two: like Lunapads on Facebook and comment here to let us know
Entry three: follow Lunapads on Twitter and comment here to let us know


Entry one: comment here for a chance to enter
Entry two: like VP on Facebook and comment here to let us know
Entry three: like Lunapads on Facebook and comment here to let us know

The links to our Facebook pages are here:

And Twitter feeds:

Here are a couple of examples of the super shiny things you can get from Lunapads!

Pads and Liners

The Diva Cup

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know. :)

PS: You have until next Monday, July 9, to enter. At some point on that day, I will draw a name and contact the winner! Good luck!

EDIT: WE HAVE A WINNER! simpledarksquid, congratulations! Thanks to all of you for entering!
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