vargeee (vargeee) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control question!

Hi I'm 21 & I've been on Loestrin 24 fe, for a quite a while now. I take it everyday at 9am.
Imagine my surprise, while in the car on the way down to the shore with my family on Saturday, my 9am birth control alarm goes off, and my b.c is no where to be found!
I realized I left it at home, and was slightly upset because I never miss a pill. I had to skip on Saturday, and took both b.c. pills when as soon as I got home on Sunday afternoon.
I woke up today, took my b.c. and went to el bano, when I found blood on my panties! I'm assuming this is from the lack of hormones on Saturday, and Sunday morning, I'm also assuming that it will clear up soon, as I'm back on track taking my b.c.
My main question is, I will be seeing my boyfriend on Thursday the 12th (2 weeks from now) We plan on having unprotected sex. We've both been tested and are STD-free, and we usually rely on my birth control, and the withdrawal method. It's always worked for us in the past, with no scares.
So should I be protected in two weeks?
Thanks so much and best wishes!!
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